The Golden Circle

Queen Moire is dead, and Queen Meinwen (Martin's daughter) is to be crowned Queen of Rebma. You have been looking forward to the coronation for weeks - it will be the social event of the decade, and everyone who is anyone will be there.

Except, it seems, you.

Instead of attending the coronation, you are being sent off on an errand that isn't important enough for anyone more senior to be saddled with...

Basic Information

  • Welcome to The Golden Circle, run by Shadow.
  • The game will mainly be set within the Golden Circle.
  • All the books are considered to be loosely canonical.
  • All characters should be people who would be invited to the coronation of Queen Meinwen of Rebma.
  • You will be selecting your character's grandparent; parents will be provided by the GM
  • Characters need to be finalised before the con, and receiving the grandparent asap would be helpful.